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The name carpenter ants comes from these pests’ propensity for creating their homes in moist, damp wood. Normally, this damaged wood is in the form of rotten logs and stumps. But, in some instances this means making their homes in your home – this is especially possible if your home has wood that is suffering from excessive moisture.

You can expect carpenter ants to build both a parent nest and subsequent satellite nests. The satellite nests are built in response to the parent nest getting too small to accommodate the size of the colony. Because the queen lays several eggs per year, it is not unusual for there to be more than one satellite nest attached to the same parent nest. Because of this trend to expand and multiply the number of nests they have, it is important to contact the pest control experts at A-One as soon as you suspect you may have a problem with carpenter ants. The professional team at A-One pest control have been providing residential and commercial pest control services for more than 30 years. Our highly-trained team has the experience and the skill to recognize when there might be an infestation and will then locate and remove the source.

How Can I Tell If I Have Carpenter Ants?

Making an accurate identification of carpenter ants only based on physical examination is tough for someone who is not a trained professional. For one thing their size varies quite a bit, ranging anywhere from 2mm to 20mm long. Also, carpenter ants can vary in color being black, orange, red, dark brown, or yellow. Most people first notice swarmers, which are winged ants and a telltale sign that there is a carpenter ant infestation nearby. These swarmers are produced by the colony when the parent nest has grown to maturity and is no longer big enough to support the size of the colony. Another obvious sign of a carpenter ant infestation is the existence of the wood pulp that they excavate when they are building their nests. Carpenter ants don’t eat the wood that they dig through, instead they make piles of it outside of their nest.

How Is A Carpenter Ant Infestation Treated?
The first step that must be taken in treating a carpenter ant infestation is to uncover the location of the nest. The professionals at A-One Pest Control have various tools and procedures for doing this. After the nest has been located, our expertly trained pest control technicians will treat and remove it. To ensure that a re-infestation does not occur, it is important to have a professional manage this process. Next, it is necessary to address and repair all moist and damaged wood. Because carpenter ants look for a moist environment to build their home, you want to make sure to remove anything that might entice them to come back and start another nest.

For over 30 years the highly-trained experts at A-One Pest Control have been delivering exceptional service to the residents and business owners of Medford. We offer free pest inspections and are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. Our team has the training, skill, and experience to manage a wide variety of pest control issues and are committed to make sure that our efforts are thorough. When you contact A-One Pest Control you can trust that we will get the job done right – the first time!

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