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Bed bugs are in the parasite family of insects and feed only on blood. In fact, the most common type of bed bug feeds exclusively on human blood. These parasites are more active at night, though not exclusively nocturnal. This could be due to the fact that humans, their preferred food source, is easily targeted at night because we are sleeping.

A single bed bug can carry up to 26 pathogens harmful to humans. The environment they find most suitable is one where food is available all the time and the temperature stays under 85 degrees. With these ideal conditions a female bed bug can lay at least five eggs per day. Homes where people who travel often live are at a greater risk of a bed bug infestation, because bed bugs can attach themselves onto your luggage and clothing from airplanes and hotels.

Identifying a bed bug versus any other bug is fairly simple. An adult bed bug, before it feeds is flat as paper, small, and a brownish color. After it feeds, however, and adult bed bug is bloated and round and red in color as it is full of blood.

Identifying a bed bug infestation in your home may be a little more challenging, although if you do see a bed bug you should call A-One Pest Control immediately as there are probably more not far away.

Some of the signs you can look for to determine if you have a bed bug problem are:

  • You or your family members wake up with red and itchy welts
  • You see an adult bed bug crawling
  • When examining your mattress and the seams or stitching of the mattress you notice blood lines or blood drops
  • When examining your box spring and the seams of your mattress you see bed bug feces, which looks black pepper

Most people have suspicion of a bed bug infestation in their home only after they or a family member begin to wake up with red and itchy welts. These bugs are especially good at hiding and they can multiply very quickly, which means that by the time you know you have a problem, it can be quite advanced.

If you have any suspicion that you have a bed bug problem in your home, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at A-One Pest Control immediately. For more than 30 years our team of highly-skilled pest control technicians have been providing thorough bed bug treatment services. We have the training and the professional equipment to make sure your bed bug problem is completely addressed and there is no chance of a re-infestation.


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