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At A-One Pest Control we have been proud to provide Coos County home and business owners with outstanding and thorough infestation maintenance and treatment services for more than 30 years. Our name is synonymous with reliable and honest service, coupled with superior customer care. Our customers count on us to thoroughly address any infestation problem they are having while being respectful of their business, home, and property.

All of the members of our team are dedicated to making sure that our infestation solutions are long-lasting and effective. Our customers receive a custom-designed maintenance plan that takes into consideration their specific and unique infestation circumstances, ensuring that re-infestation does not occur.

We know that not all critters pose an immediately threat and it might be enticing to put off having an inspection if you suspect you might have an infestation. However, even small and seemingly harmless infestations come with their own dangers and can quickly escalate to more of a problem.

We offer free pest inspections, which will provide you with comprehensive information about your particular infestation and some recommendations of how best to treat it. This will give you the information that you need to decide if your infestation is really something that you can afford to ignore.

Some of the ways that infestations might not seem like an immediate threat, but are actually dangerous are:

  • While it is highly unlikely that you or a member of your family will ever be attacked by a mouse or a rat, they do create a very dangerous situation for your entire family. Their nesting habits including gnawing and chewing on everything in their path, which includes your electrical wiring. This can cause a problem as far as appliances, heating and cooling systems, and other things in your home not working. But, also 20% of all house fires annually are caused by mice and rats chewing on electrical wiring. It is best to have these pests removed from your home by a professional than run the risk of a fire in your attic, crawl space, or basement.
  • Your family is definitely not in danger of being bitten or poisoned by cockroaches. They like to stay hidden in dark areas and rarely come out during the day time. However, these insects can carry diseases on their bodies, which they will transfer to any surface they crawl on including your kitchen countertops and dishes. Also, their feces and shed skin will dry out and become dust in the air that, when inhaled, will cause respiratory inflammation and possible hospitalization of those that breath it in.
  • While mold and mildew don’t typically seem like an infestation problem, they are both very dangerous even in small amounts. When you have high levels of moisture in your home, the building materials in that part of the house will absorb the water vapors. This means that plywood, plaster, and insulation become wet and start to grow fungus. The structure of these materials becomes soft and weak, and you are left with permanent damage to your home that can be expensive to have fixed. Also, the fungal spores are very dangerous to breathe in and can cause stubborn and resistant lung infections that are quite serious.

Business and homeowners in areas of Coos County like Coos Bay, Bandon and Coquille have spent the last 30+ years counting on the expert technicians at A-One Pest Control to deliver maintenance and treatment services that thoroughly and effectively address all types of infestations. We are proud to have earned a solid reputation for superior customer care and service.

Part of the attraction of living in Coos County is being able to live near the beach. However, with this comes higher levels of moisture, which means greater risk of mold, dry rot, mildew, termites, and other pest infestations.

Thankfully, at A-One Pest Control our expert technicians are highly-trained and experienced at recognizing the conditions that certain infestations prefer and thrive in, knowing the signs of infestations, and providing comprehensive options for treatment and prevention.

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