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The bats that are indigenous to the United States can grow up to 19 cm in length and weigh approximately 60 grams. Their bodies are covered in hair that is either tan or black and their wings can stretch to approximately 38cm.

Bats are nocturnal, meaning they are only active at night because this is when the insects that are the main part of their diet are most active. You will typically find bats where insects are flying, such as near outside lighting or standing water and swimming pools.

Most bats produce only one litter consisting of a few young each year and typically live in colonies, although they can live alone or with just a few others.

Signs of bat infestation are usually quite obvious, most often detected by their droppings. Sometimes the bats themselves will be spotted flying out of their hiding place in the early evening hours to hunt for insects.

For the most part, bats are not harmful to humans. While it is true they can carry rabies, this is rare and they do not carry rabies any more readily than any other animal. They prefer to stay far away from humans, and are actually beneficial in that they eat mosquitos and other insects that can be harmful to humans or to their plants, gardens, and landscaping.

Managing or preventing a bat infestation is challenging because any opening that is 3/8” of larger can be considered an entry and exit point for bats. It is important to contact a professional if you think you might have bats in your home, because pest control technicians are trained to recognize openings that a bat will fit through, where you might dismiss it as being too small.

A successful bat management plan consists of two separate inspection visits:

  • Initial: the first inspection visit should be scheduled at dusk or during the early evening hours to watch for bats leaving their hiding place for feeding, and to determine the size of the colony. This will also tell the pest technician the location of the bats’ preferred entry and exit point.
  • Secondary: the second inspection visit should be scheduled during the daylight hours so the technician can investigate the bat colony while the bats are asleep and inactive. This inspection will allow the technician the ability to check the vulnerable areas of the home, the species of the bat, and to determine the most effective equipment and control methods.

Just like any other pests, an infestation of bats should be taken seriously and a professional should be called to address the problem. The nesting habits of bats can cause structural damage to your home, and their droppings can encourage the growth of a specific fungus that is very harmful to the respiratory system of humans. If you think you might have a bat infestation in your home, contact the experts at A-One Pest Control. Our team of highly-trained and experienced technicians have the skills and the equipment to address your bat infestation and return your home to the safe and secure place you expect!

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