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If given the choice, most species of pests would prefer to be as far from humans as possible. However, there is an innate determination to survive and to keep the colony alive and that means living anywhere that conditions are suitable.

If you have not taken proper measures, sometimes those suitable conditions can exist in your home and the pests are enticed to move in. Keeping cracks and openings sealed, and reducing moisture levels are just some of the ways that you can prevent pests from seeing your home as a suitable location for their nest.

Some ways that the experts at A-One Pest Control can help you to make sure your home is not inviting to pest infestation include:

Vapor Barriers:
Sometimes referred to by the name vapor diffusion retarders, these tools are designed to control the levels of moisture in your home. Your home is built on a foundation, which sits on land. That land has some level of water it in, and therefore areas of your home are susceptible to moisture. Having vapor barriers like plastic sheeting installed can help to control moisture by preventing condensation and water vapors from making it into the air and then being absorbed by drywall, insulation, and plywood.

Belly Wraps:
The space between the earth and the bottom part of your manufactured home is referred to as the “belly”. To maintain the heating and cooling of your home and control the moisture levels it is important that the belly be wrapped airtight using a polyurethane material. Sometimes, however, the wrap is made vulnerable by gas and water lines that run through the material and are not properly sealed, making the perfect access point for pests. The team at A-One Pest Control has expert knowledge of how to install and repair belly wraps ensuring the airtight and pest proof integrity needed.

Vent Screens: 
The space under your home is highly-susceptible to increased levels of moisture. This moisture can cause serious structural damage to your home. Therefore, the foundation of your home is equipped with ventilation cut outs. These cut outs are fairly large and are typically covered with sturdy metal screens. If your ventilation cutouts do not have screens on them, rodents are able to crawl through and begin nesting under your house.

Dry Rot Repair:
If your home has high levels of moisture in the crawl spaces and underneath it is then susceptible to dry rot. This is the result of plaster, insulation, and plywood absorbing the excess moisture and growing fungus, which then begins to decay the materials it is growing in. This also creates the perfect conditions for termites to thrive and puts your home at risk for significant damage.

Disinfect, Sanitize, and Virucide (DSV):
When high-levels of moisture promote the growth of mildew and mold in your home, the health risks can be significant. The experts at A-One Pest Control have more than 30 years of experience administering DSV treatment options to eliminate these hazardous conditions. An additional application for this treatment is in response to an animal having died in or under your home and the carcass decay causing bacteria and viruses to grow. Regardless of the need for a DSV treatment, you can rest assured that the conditions in your home will be professional and expertly returned to safe and healthy.

Feeling a sense of safety and security in your house is an important priority. Sadly, when a pest infestation occurs that safe feeling is disrupted and you are left feeling vulnerable. To prevent this from happening in your home, contact the experts at A-One Pest Control. Our team of licensed and bonded pest control technicians will provide you with exceptional pest prevention, treatment, and cleansing services.

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