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There are over 50 different species of and every one of them require food, shelter, and moisture to survive. Unfortunately, for homeowners their house provides exactly these conditioner – regardless of what it is made of. Termites are appropriately called the “silent destroyers” due to the fact that they can use their mouths to tear big pieces of wood from the foundation, framing, and wall of homes. As a matter of fact, the National Pest Management Association has estimated that termites cost American homeowners more than $5 billion each year in damages. Even if you add all of the damage caused by fire and flooding it would not be close to this value.

The experts at A-One Pest Control have been delivering residential and commercial termite control to the Klamath Falls area for over 30 years. We are sensitive to the fact that your home is one of the largest investments that you have made and we are committed to aiding you in protecting this investment from the destruction of a termite infestation. Our company is bonded, licensed, and insured applying only top-quality, non-toxic termite controls products ensuring that your pest problem is addressed while you, your family, and your pets are kept safe.

What Do Termites Look Like?
It is unusual to see termites crawling around as they generally do not leave the nest can come into the open. Due to this preference to hide, termite infestations are hard to pinpoint and therefore they are left to mature and destroy. Within termite colonies a hierarchy exists: a queen, a king, and many different support levels. The king and queen and most of the support will never leave the nest. However, the winged termites will come out and fly around during swarming. However, many homeowners mistake these flying insects for ants or other pests and don’t pay much attention to properly identifying them or locating their nest.

How Can I Detect A Termite Nest?
Much like ants, a termite colony will build their nests within the wood they are burrowing in. However, unlike ants termites will eat the wood they are nesting in. They will carve tunnels and mazes inside walls, furniture, and framing. This activity can compromise the structure and leave floors, ceilings, and walls sagging and vulnerable. When the winged termites swarm they will then shed their wings and leave them in piles. If you are really looking for them, you can find these wings discarded like fish scales.

How Can I Protect My Home From Termites?
You should consider the fight against termites an ongoing one. Termites can infest a home at any time and cause substantial damage if left unchecked. However, many of the preventative measures that can be taken are pretty simple. The first thing to do is to remove any instances of excessive moisture inside of and around your home. Any wood that is rotting or water damaged is going to attract termites as that is their ideal food. Keep the opening around water pipes completely sealed and have any leaks repaired. Don’t keep piles of lumber or wood near the side of or the foundation of your home as this wood can become wet from rainwater and attract termites. Also, make sure that the system around your home designed to drain rainwater is properly diverting.

pipes sealed and free from dripping or leaks, don’t keep firewood or lumber near your home’s foundation or crawl spaces, and make sure that the drainage system around your home properly diverts water during storms.

If you think your home might be infested with termites, do not hesitate to call our office. The professional team of expert technicians at A-One Pest Control can thoroughly and efficiently rid you of your termite problem. When your home is infested with termites the equity in your home is literally being eaten away, and the longer these pests are left unchecked the more damage they are causing. Call A-One Pest Control today for help with all of your termite infestation needs.

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