A One Exterminators Klamath Falls Pest Control

A-One Exterminators and Pest Control have been helping the home owners of Klamath Falls with the removal and extermination of all different types of pests for many years and we are confident we can help with your problem as well. We understand that having pests of any kind in the home is a stressful and disturbing time for home owners and so we will respond quickly to get this problem taken care of as soon as possible for you. For our customers, we are happy to offer a free pest inspection so that you can determine if your home is safe or in need of our extensive services. When you and your home are infested with any kind of pest, you can rely on A-One Exterminators of Klamath Falls every time!

Pest Control
There are many pests in the Klamath Falls area, especially in the homes that are in rural parts of town. Some pests can simply be annoying, such as spiders and wasps or yellow jackets. But some, such as rodents like rats and mice can bring with them dangerous diseases that can be passed on to your family. Other pests, such as termites and carpenter ants can be disastrous for our home if they are not removed quickly before irreparable damage can be done. For all the pests that you find in your Klamath Falls home, you can confidently rely on the expert work that A-One Exterminators provides for our customers.

While many pests are nothing more than frustrating and aggravating, rodents in your home can prove to be dangerous for your family. Mice and rats can carry with them infectious diseases that they spread throughout your home, with every counter, floor and drawer they touch. Mice and rats can enter your home in very small spaces, often less than the size of a quarter, so preventative measures should be taken to fill in any of these spaces. It is also important to look all over your home and not just at the ground level, since rats and mice can climb trees and bushes to enter your home as high as the attic. Keeping all food put away and dishes washed immediately can also deter rodents from entering, since they often come into your home in search of food. If you do have mice or rats in your home, you should call A-One Exterminators of Klamath Falls right away so we can take care of the problem for you. Rodents often ignore unfamiliar items, so store bought traps and such are usually not effective in getting rid of the problem. When you have rodents in your home, or suspect you might, rely on the trusted professionals of A-One Exterminators.

When your Klamath Falls home has termites, it is a short amount of time before widespread damage is done. Termites work quickly, tearing away and eating large amounts of wood from your home with every bite they take. Unfortunately, termites live under ground and in the wooden areas of your home and furniture so they can be difficult to find before damage begins to happen. All too often, by the time a home owner is aware they have termites, considerable damage has already been done to your beautiful home. While it is difficult to completely avoid termites, A-One Exterminators can help you create an environment that termites do not thrive in, in hopes of avoiding them. We offer quality inspections to examine for all types of severity of termite infestations and we can then exterminate the problem before the damage becomes any worse.

Carpenter Ants
Carpenter ants are similar to termites, as they live in large colonies and create damage to the wooded areas they decide to call home. But the one difference is that carpenter ants do not eat the wood that they find, rather they just destroy it and relocated it out of their nest. Either way, when a colony of carpenter ants is in your Klamath Falls home, it can lead to horrific damage if proper measures are not taken. If you have an infestation of carpenter ants, you can trust in the professionals at A-One Exterminators to quickly find the nest and properly treat the area chemically, fixing the immediate problem at hand. From then, it is necessary to change the climate of the area so that future colonies of carpenter ants do not find their way to the site as well. Because carpenter ants are a common problem in Klamath Falls, A-One Exterminators has years of experience successfully treating the problem.