Bed Bug Removal & Control in Grants Pass

baby bed bugs say no pest exterminator medfordWhile all bed bugs are considered parasites and feed on blood, the most common type of bed bug prefers to feed only on human blood. These bed bugs are not classified as nocturnal, but are far more active at night than during the day. This might be in an effort to stay hidden during the daylight hours, and to feed when their preferred food source is dormant and sleeping at night.

One single bed bug can carry nearly 20 harmful pathogens that are dangerous to humans. Because bed bugs feed on human blood, they transfer these pathogens from one host to another similar to mosquitos.

A bed bug’s ideal living conditions are in a place where food is easily acquired and the highest the temperature gets is 85 degrees. When conditions are ideal an adult female bed bug will lay five eggs per day, making them very efficient at infesting a home.

Recognizing if your home has bed bugs in it can be a difficult process. These bugs are mostly active at night and hide in the stitching and seams of your mattress, where you rarely look. Often times, people have a suspicion that they have an infestation when they or a member of their household wakes up with red and itchy welts.

There are some signs that you can keeps your eyes open for:

  • You or your family members wake up with red and itchy welts
  • You see an adult bed bug crawling
  • When examining your mattress and the seams or stitching of the mattress you notice blood lines or blood drops
  • When examining your box spring and the seams of your mattress you see bed bug feces, which looks black pepper

Often times, a bed bug infestation will be far advanced by the time you recognize any signs. If you have any suspicion that your home might be infested with bed bugs, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at A-One Pest Control. The sooner we can diagnose the presence of bed bugs and how far advanced the infestation is, the sooner we can implement a treatment series and make some headway.

Identifying a bed bug is relatively easy, before an adult bed bug eats it is flat as a piece of paper and brown, after it eats it is round, bloated, and red. Adult bed bugs are less than ¼” an inch in length.

The homes of people who travel a lot are at a greater risk for bed bug infestation. When you fly on an airplane or stay in a hotel that have bed bugs, some of the bugs will attach themselves to your clothing or your luggage and ride home with you. Once in your home it does not take long for two adult bed bugs to create a significant infestation.

Typically, a bed bug treatment plan will include an aggressive first visit and then several subsequent visits after over a few months to ensure that the infestation is completely treated and a re-infestation will not occur.