Why Am I Seeing Rodents in My Home

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It’s easy to see why people love older homes. They can have a lot more character and points of interest than newer constructions. However, you may notice that you see more rodent infestations than those living in newer homes. This is a common issue that people see with their older homes.

History Repeats

The thing about older homes is that they’re in areas that were developed longer ago. This means any animal burrows are longer standing than areas with newer constructions. These older burrows have more critters that have already survived through different things. This means they’re more intelligent and more equipped to deal with anything.

Size Doesn’t Matter

You may think a mouse or rat is too big to fit through holes or gaps, but this isn’t true. Mice can fit through tiny spaces, even as small as a dime. Rats can also squeeze through a gap that’s only half an inch wide. Older homes tend to have more of these gaps and holes.

How to Control Rodents

While managing infestations can be difficult, there are some tips that can help you manage rodents. First, you need to figure out where the rodents are coming from and where they’re ending up. Chances are, they’ve been here much longer than you have.

Next, placing traps in areas that are clear to see and are high-traffic areas for rodents will give the traps a greater chance of being effective. Finally, you might not have success with just one type of trap. You may need to be a bit more creative with the kinds of traps and their placements.

If you’ve got an infestation that you can’t control, leave the rodents up to us. Contact us today, and our professional team can restore the safety of your home.