Preventing Bed Bug Infestations

A-One Exterminators

Bed bugs are one of the most well-known and feared pests in the United States. Just saying the name of these little monsters makes anyone want to check their mattress for any signs that they might be lounging there.

Fortunately, there are some simple ways to keep those parasites out of your bedroom so that you can sleep well at night — and know that you won’t be waking up with the vicious welts that can come with bed bug bites.

Easy Steps for Bed Bug Proofing Your Beds

These easy steps can help your sleeping area stay free of bed bugs:

  • Use protective covers on the mattresses in your home to keep bed bugs from finding places to hide in your bed. There are covers that are pre-sprayed with pesticides to prevent bed bugs from digging in. Still, light-colored protective covers make it easier to spot bed bugs, and a tear in a protective cover can help you know if a bed bug has taken up residence in your mattress.
  • Inspect any used furniture, mattresses, etc. before bringing it into your home. Bed bugs spread the fastest from other already infested furniture, so it’s important to be careful with any other furniture you bring into your home that is not brand new.
  • Remove as much dust and clutter from your home as possible. Bed bugs hide and often breed in uncleaned corners in your home. Frequent vacuuming can help ensure you aren’t providing a favorable environment for bed bugs.

Best Defense Against Pests

The best way to get rid of or prevent pests is to rely on a pest control specialist from A-One Exterminators. Our professional team can ensure that your home stays pest-free, including those nasty bed bugs that can invade your home and bite in the night. Get in touch with us today!