How to Best Prepare for Summer Pests

A-One Exterminators

As summer approaches and the temperatures rise, more bugs come out of hiding. It’s important to stay vigilant and keep your eyes out for pests before they become a big problem. A-One Exterminators not only want to provide you with excellent pest control services, but we want to inform our customers on how best to avoid the damages that come with rampant pests as well. If you already have pests or want a professional to provide pest prevention services, you can always rely on A-One.

Summer Cleaning

Setting apart time to clean your home before summer comes is not only a good habit for organizing the home but also a method for keeping pests away as the summer heat rolls in. Cleaning the inside and outside of your home helps ensure that bugs don’t make their way inside. By eliminating clutter, dirt, and dust you can dissuade bugs from nesting near or inside your home. Also, make sure that you rid your home of any nearby pools of sitting water. Puddles have a tendency to draw mosquitos to your home.

Indoors, the kitchen is the most common place to find pests. The smell of food particles that inevitably drop to the ground draw insects inside, so it is important to make sure you regularly clean the kitchen to avoid inviting bugs into your home. Be sure to sweep the floors daily, and vacuum frequently to prevent bugs from invading your house.

Trash Brings the Bugs

Spoiling food and other garbage in your trash cans might as well be roach bait. Ants and cockroaches are drawn to your garbage, so it is important to use tight lids on all your trash bins to keep them from catching the smell or nesting in your trash cans. Be sure to also take your indoor trash out regularly to make sure that bugs aren’t drawn into the house.