8 Great Reasons to Hire an Exterminator

A-One Exterminators

If you are experiencing any type of infestation, chances are you don’t need much persuading to hire an exterminator. The damage that insects and rodents cause and the diseases they carry are reason enough for most homeowners to call in professionals. Unfortunately, many homeowners allow infestations to get more out of control than they should before getting help. Consider these reasons you should call an exterminator for pest control.

  1. It can be difficult to locate a nest, as pests move around when you try to eradicate them. Exterminators are professionals who know how to locate nests.
  2. Protect your gardens and crops. Farmers and gardeners can lose thousands of dollars due to pest infestations.
  3. You may experience the creepy sound of pests chewing and scratching within your walls. When you call on a professional exterminator, they can eliminate the problem.
  4. Humans and pets can both suffer from insect bites when a home is infested with various types of bugs.
  5. Pest droppings can be dangerous to your health and make it difficult to keep your dwelling clean.
  6. Avoiding stings. Wasps are dangerous, aggressive pests that can sting many times as they want, unlike bees. Bees rarely sting unless provoked and can only sting one time. Having a wasp nest removed is a job for the professionals.
  7. Insects and other pests can damage property. Moths, silverfish, carpet beetles, and other insects can damage many household items, including clothes and books.
  8. Pest infestations can lead to the spread of diseases like the bubonic plague, malaria, Dengue fever, and Zika virus.

If you have an infestation of bugs or rodents, the best way to ensure the safety of your home and your family’s health is to call a professional exterminator to get to the root of your problem. Reach out to the professionals at A-One Exterminators today at (541) 472-1094 for pest issues at your Southern Oregon home.