What to Do if You Find a Bat in Your House

A-One Exterminators

It can be shocking to see a bat flying around your house or even just hanging from a ceiling or a wall. You may be scared at first, but the bat is probably even more frightened than you are. The best way to proceed is to be calm and proceed with caution in getting the bat out of the house.

Three Simple Ways to Remove a Bat

There are many ways to trap a bat or get it to leave your home. Here are a few simple methods that work in most circumstances.

  • Make it easy for the bat to escape. If the bat is flying around a room, the best method to get it to leave is to close the doors to the room and open the windows. Turn off the lights and leave the room. The bat will be able to relax and find its own way out. Check back after a half hour to an hour. If the bat hasn’t left, but is settled down, proceed with one of the following methods.
  • Catch the bat in a bucket. Once you have located a bat that has landed (they often land in draperies and on upholstered furniture), trap it under a bucket and cover the top with a piece of cardboard. Release the bat outside.
  • Catch with your hands. Although this is not the preferred method for most people, it is a viable option. Dress in heavy clothes and wear a pair of thick work gloves. If a bat is calmly landed in a room, you can pick it up with both hands and carry it outside. Be careful with this method, as bats can carry rabies. If you come into contact with bat saliva, or if it bites you, seek medical attention immediately.

Bats can get into the home through chimneys, open windows, and other openings into the attic. Finding a bat in the house is often a one-time experience, but if you have a recurring problem, contact A-One Exterminators at (541) 472-1094 to get help with your dilemma.