Top 4 Signs You Have Mice in Your Home

A-One Exterminators

How do you know when you have mice in your home? There are several warning signs to watch for, making their presence known. If you see any of these signs, it is time to call in the professionals before the unwanted guests damage your home.


Mouse Droppings


One sign that you probably have active mice in your home is mouse droppings. You will most often find them along your baseboards or in the kitchen and pantry near food storage. Droppings under the sink mean the mice are seeking a source of water. You should handle mouse droppings with care, because they can transmit bacteria, serious diseases, and trigger allergies. It is important to remove them quickly and safely.




Mouse nests in your home typically consist of shredded materials such as paper towels or tissues. They also will use packing materials, newspapers, wall insulation and anything else they can get their paws on. If you see piles of these shredded materials around your home, especially in dark, quiet areas, it is a good sign you have mice in your home.


Strange Noises


If you hear strange noises in your home, it might be a sign you have mice running in the walls. The noises happen especially after dark when everything is quiet, so it can be easy to miss them while you are sleeping at night. On the other hand, the sound of scurrying feet can also keep you up at night. If you hear the noises behind the walls, it is time to call in professional help before they start chewing on your wires.


Chewing Marks


Chewing is another sure sign of mice in your home. Rodents cause destruction through chewing on wood, wires, insulation, and more. They will also chew through lead and plastic pipes to get to a source of water. If you see chew marks in your home, it is a sure sign something is causing the damage.


If you experience any of these signs in your home, call in the professionals at A-One Exterminators. We can help you get rid of your unwanted visitors, especially as they travel indoors with the colder weather. Give us a call today to set up your appointment with our team of specialists.