Most Common Fall Pests in Southern Oregon Part 1

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Now that the temperatures are beginning to cool down in Southern Oregon, homeowners should remain on the lookout for some of the most common fall pests. Although some pests diminish as the cold weather returns, there are several that tend to gravitate indoors during the chilliest periods of the year. In order to keep your home pest-free this season, it’s crucial to know what to look for. Refer to part one of our list of the most common pests to help you prepare to avoid the presence of any uninvited guests this fall.


Rats and mice are two of the most prevalent fall pests, and they seek shelter indoors from the cold weather outside. However, it’s important to understand that rodents can do serious damage to a home. They not only have the ability to chew through a home’s electrical wires, they can potentially spread diseases as well. In addition, rodents often bring along a myriad of other pests such as fleas, lice, and ticks, which can result in more problems as the season goes on. Since mice can get through extremely small cracks in a home’s foundation, it’s essential for homeowners to understand how to deter these pests from infiltrating their spaces. The best means of deterring these critters is to seal any cracks in the foundation of your house, take the trash out regularly, and avoid leaving food out in the open.


There are several different types of ants that tend to appear in Southern Oregon homes during the fall, and some can inflict serious damage. Certain house ants have the ability to
erode the foundation of a home, while others can taint food.

You can prevent ants from getting into your home by repairing any cracks in your home’s foundation, doors, or windows, storing food in sealed containers, refraining from leaving food sitting out, vacuuming and sweeping your floors regularly, cleaning up any spills, and removing tree branches from the exterior of your property. In addition, avoid keeping firewood or construction materials near your home, as these items are especially likely to attract ants.