3 Reasons NOT To Wait To Deal With Signs Of Mice

A-One Exterminators

12413323_sNow that the winter is in full swing and the temperature outside continues to drop, mice and rodents are looking for a warm place to call home for the season.

Like all most species, mice need a warm place to make their nest that provides shelter, food, and water. They are very good at finding these places as they can squish their bodies down flat to get into the smallest crack of hole.

For some people, the thought of mice living under or inside of their home or garage is very unsettling. Any sight of droppings or chewing warrants a call to an exterminator and a plan to get rid of the little squatters.

But for other people, mice are cute and unassuming and there is no real feeling of a threat. Unfortunately, there is no happy-medium and there is no good reason to let mice continue living inside or under your home.

In addition to their swiftly multiplying numbers, mice also carry diseases that are dangerous for humans. Here are just a few reasons to rid your home of mice sooner than later:

  • Commonly referred to as salmonella, this is a bacterial infection caused by food that has been contaminated by rodent feces. This can happen just from them crawling on top of your kitchen counters as they walk in their own feces and urine.
  • This bacterial infection would only occur in a human that has been bitten by a rodent. This scenario is highly unlikely as rodents are nocturnal and prefer to stay as far from humans as possible. However, if your home has become infested, it is more likely that you or a family member will come in contact with a rodent.
  • This disease is transmitted through the urine of an infected host rodent. Because mice walk on their own feces and urine, they can transmit this disease to your floors and countertops simply by crawling on them looking for food and water.

A family of six mice can multiply to a family of 60 mice in less than three months, which means that a small infestation of mice will rapidly turn into a major infestation during the winter season. And, when spring arrives your home could easily become overrun. Make sure to rid your home of mice as soon as you notice signs they have moved in.