Signs You Have A Mouse In The House

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15579510_sWith the temperature consistently dropping many families are retreating indoors for warmth and delicious food. Unfortunately, these activities are not restricted to human families.

This is the time of year when mouse families like to come inside and hunker down for the cold weather months. Often, this means they come inside of your house.

The idea of having a mouse nest inside of your home is probably pretty disturbing. After all, mice carry diseases and they multiply at a rapid pace.

While many cartoon movies would have you believe that mice are friendly and helpful creatures, they are actually very dangerous to have in your home as they will chew on everything, including your electrical cords and appliances. Many homeowners are completely disgusted by the presence of even one mouse, and for good reason!

The best way to keep mice out of your home is prevention. As we’ve posted before, making sure that food is cleaned up and cracks or holes are plugged. But, it is also important to assume that mice will get in and be on the lookout for signs of their nesting habits so that you can call for extermination before the infestation gets out of hand.

Here are some signs that you have a mouse nest in your home:

  • A collection of shredded, fibrous items like paper, insulation, or cloth. They are typically found in attics and other sheltered locations. But, they can also be found inside of walls between the sheetrock.
  • Mouse droppings are a surefire sign that a nest is nearby. Their droppings are small, black, and oval shaped. They will be found close to breeding areas or, where their food supply is. Anywhere that you see droppings is a good place to put a trap or poison.
  • Scratching noises inside of walls or ceilings should always be investigated. Mice are most active at night and, when the house is quiet, if you hear any scratching or scurrying noises you should call a pest control technician to investigate as soon as possible.

If you find any little bits of paper, wood, or other materials that looks as though they have been gnawed on or chewed up, this is also a sign of mouse activity. Make sure to either put out traps or poison, and call for a pest control inspection right away.