How to Get Rid of Mice Infestation the Right Way

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19503613_sMice infestation is not just disgusting, but also downright scary considering the many diseases that they may be carrying and be able to transmit to you and your family. Aside from that, they are one type of pest that is known to cause severe damage to your homes and properties – from chewing at your walls, the electrical wires therein, and even your furniture. Getting rid of mice is not always easy, and in order to effectively do so, there are certain steps must be taken and followed.

House Inspection
The first step is identifying the places where the mice usually frequent. Although the kitchen is a good place to start, you should continue looking in other areas of the house as well like your basement, your attic, or even under the house. You should also take note of the places where they usually run about and pass.

Once the places have been identified, it is time to start containing the mice there. This is done by sealing off all possible points of entries and exits. This will help to keep other mice out, and kill the ones that are already there.

Killing the Mice
Once the mice are locked in, rat traps and poison can now be set up. However, for them to be truly effective, they must be set up properly and in the right place. For instance, it is often better to leave the traps on the side of walls since these are where mice usually pass, and not in the middle of the room. In addition, if you are using rat poison, the best place to leave them is near the mice holes so the mice can immediately smell them when they come out. However, when using baits and poisons, be sure not to touch any of them with your hands since your scent will be transferred to them, and mice don’t trust and won’t touch them.

Cleaning Up
Once the mice are dead, careful cleaning must be done in order to ensure that no health related problems are acquired. The dead mice, especially those killed with poison, usually urinate and poo and touching these with bare hands can be quite dangerous. In fact, touching the dead mice alone is dangerous, so it is often better to call a professional pest control company who have the right equipment and know how to properly dispose of dead mice.