A Lowdown on Beetles “Carpet & Furniture Beetles”

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beetleThere are many various types of beetles all over the world, but when it comes to household pests, there are two beetle species that wreak the most havoc and instill fear in the hearts of many homeowners everywhere – the furniture beetle and the carpet beetle.

Furniture Beetle
Furniture beetle are one of the common wood boring beetles found in many homes across the world. They are usually found on wooden furniture, banisters, floor boards, wall panels, and basically most other wooden parts of a home. They usually thrive on seasoned timber, eating the wood and laying their eggs on the holes and cracks there and boring holes along the way. Although the holes they make are pretty small, they can still cause damage and more and more of these come up over the years, weakening the basic structure of the wood.
Controlling furniture beetle infestations requires the use of curative preservatives. This preservative is injected into the wood (or soaked in the solution if the furniture or wooden object can be dismantled) in order to fill in the holes and provide a protective coating as well.

Carpet Beetles
Carpet beetles are the other commonly found beetles in many homes and can multiply really quick if not checked immediately. As can be gleaned from the name, carpet beetles are known to damage carpets and rugs, as well as upholstery, upholstery padding, curtains and even your clothes in the closet. They can chew on any textile you can think of – from silk, fur, wool, linen, cotton items and others.

To prevent carpet beetle infestation, you need to regularly clean your home, including thoroughly vacuuming the carpet, especially if you have falling hair or a pet which leaves their fur sticking onto the carpet or rug (carpet beetles also eat hair). Aside from the carpet, vacuum your upholstered furniture also and try not to leave any food crumbs on them as well.
Beetles are pretty common household pests which attack homes everywhere, and when an infestation occurs, simple household cleaning will not do the trick. In such cases, you may want to consider hiring a professional pest control company to help you deal with the problem before they render your furniture and upholstery unusable (or too embarrassing for you to invite guests over.)