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15951457_sA good extermination company is not only knowledgeable about the different methods of getting rid of pests, but also has good understanding of the importance of healthy living and how pests can affect it. When a house is infested by pests, not only is the monetary value of the house affected, but also the health and well-being of those living in it.


Rodents like rats and mice are very dangerous, especially when they scratch or bite you. With their filthy claws and teeth, they can leave open wounds and infect them with harmful bacteria and germs. Aside from this, their feces and urine are known to cause leptospirosis, a deadly condition which can lead to kidney damage, liver failure and even death.


These tiny parasites live off the blood of their hosts. When they do bite, they inject their saliva into the wound in order to keep the blood from clotting and to keep it flowing freely while they feed. Their bites and saliva can cause allergic reactions amongst their victims. This in itself puts your well-being in danger. Their bites leave behind small bumps and cause the skin to become irritated and inflamed.


Cockroaches are known to carry various kinds of bacteria and diseases including salmonella, staphylococcus, and streptococcus. They spread these by leaving behind their droppings as they move and crawl on your kitchen utensils, the dining table, your couch and everywhere else they may reach. When you somehow ingest these droppings (e.g. using a spoon or plate with droppings you didn’t notice) the bacteria is able to enter your body and harm it.

Stinging pests

Bees, wasps and hornets can also be very dangerous. They set up nests and hives in trees and inside your homes like your walls, ceilings and the attic. Although they do not carry diseases, their stings have chemicals on them which when injected to the body can cause allergic reactions and sometimes death.