Common Winter and Springtime Pests

Though the end of winter is nearing, the fact is that we haven’t truly gotten close to springtime weather yet. As long as winter weather remains, it is important for homeowners in Medford, Oregon, to be aware of the most common pests that infiltrate homes during winters. Check out the following list of most common winter pests and how to prevent them to protect your home from the presence of any uninvited guests during the final months of winter.



In the wintertime, the cold weather compels rat to migrate indoors, where it is warmer and there is ample food to steal. Rats can cause a large amount of damage to your property and potentially endanger your home. For instance, some rats have diseases and leave behind fecal matter, which can make your environment toxic. They also have a habit of chewing on anything they can get to, including pipes and plastic. This can cause major damage to your electrical wires or result in food contamination.



Mice are the most commonly seen rodent in the United States, and one of the most common winter pests as well. Like rats, wintry weather compels mice to come indoors during the cold months. They too have a habit of chewing on assorted items, which can result in all sorts of damage to your property as well as food contamination. Mice can typically fit through incredibly small cracks, so it is important to seal any cracks or fissures you see outside your home with caulk. Avoiding clutter is also a terrific way to reduce the risk of mice, as they tend to enjoy hiding in scattered boxes or areas with piles of items to shuffle through.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are essentially hitchhikers that move from place to place by traveling on bedding, luggage, clothes, and furniture. During the holidays as many people are traveling, they can easily find their way across the country and inside your home. Avoid them by vacuuming regularly, being careful if you share laundry machines, and by sealing any cracks around the area where your bed is located.



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