Most Common Fall Pests in Southern Oregon Part 2

As the weather begins to get chillier this season in the Southern Oregon area, homeowners and residents must maintain a sharp awareness of the lingering threat of household pests. Even though certain pests decline over the course of the colder months of the year, there are numerous critters that opt to seek shelter indoors when the weather becomes chillier. To ensure that you don’t come across any uninvited guests in your home this season, it’s vital to understand what to look out for so you can make time to prepare in advance. Refer to part two of our helpful list of the most common pests to help you keep your home pest-free throughout the fall.

Brown Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are one of the most prevalent fall pests, as they often attempt to migrate indoors when the cool weather starts to set in. Although they do not bite or carry diseases, stink bugs have the unique capacity to ruin furniture, clothing, and fabrics with their feces. These pests are named after the foul smell they release when distrusted, which is their primary means of scaring away predators. They are also extremely prone to hiding in vehicles or bags in order to enter homes discreetly. To deter stink bugs this season, always remember to check your purse or backpack prior to bringing it inside. You should also make sure that all of your home’s window and door screens are in good shape. If they have holes or aren’t in good condition, make plans to have them repaired before the weather becomes colder.


Widely known as one of the most hazardous household pests of all time, cockroaches are particularly likely to infiltrate homes in the fall. Unlike stink bugs, cockroaches can carry and spread over 25 different diseases, and can potentially cause asthma attacks in kids. These critters are often found around drains and pipes, so it’s essential to ensure you sweep and vacuum all floors, and keep kitchens and bathrooms clean throughout the season. In addition, you should also check to be sure that all cracks in your home’s foundation, doors, and windows are completely sealed.

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