15846129_sWith the official start of the summer season just around the corner, most families will be spending more time outdoors together.

But, this is also the time of year that most pests like to make their way inside. There are many pests to be mindful of during the summer months.

Things like ants and mosquitoes can be especially irritating during the summertime. In the winter and fall, these pests are fairly dormant as the weather is too cold. But, with the rising temperatures and humidity in the air, these pests come alive and start breeding and looking for ways to get food and water.

Unfortunately, those pests look for that food and water inside of your home or, around your barbecue. There are some steps that you can take to make sure that pests do not find your home or yard attractive:

Repair or replace the weather stripping around your doors and windows. Not only does the weather stripping prevent the outdoor temperatures from getting indoors, and vice versa, it also works to keep pests from being able to crawl into your home.

Keep your landscaping trimmed and well-maintained so that pests don’t have anywhere to hide. For the most part, insects and other pests do not want to interact with humans. They try to hide and stay out of sight as much as possible. To reduce the chances of having many species of pests hiding around your home … just waiting to gain access … make sure to keep your landscaping neatly trimmed.

Make sure your kitchen counters and pantry shelves are kept clean and free from crumbs and errant food particles. Pests are looking for sources of food and water this time of year, so make sure that you don’t leave food out for them and they won’t stick around.

During the winter months, it is not as necessary to watch out for pests because they are mostly dormant and tucked away. But, as the weather heats up so will the pest activity around your home. Make sure your overnight guests are only those that you invite over by following these pest-control tips.