3 Reasons Bats in Your Home Is a Bad Thing

Bats can decrease the nuisance insect population around your home, help pollinate your yard, and provide fertilizer in the form of guano. They can also carry and spread diseases, cause infections, contaminate your water supply, and damage your property. If you have a problematic bat infestation, don’t take it lightly. Get help from the pest control professionals in Grants Pass at A-One Exterminators for bats to avoid the following serious risks.


  1. Diseases, Illnesses, and Infections


One of the most dangerous things about harboring a colony of bats near your home is the risk of infectious bat-borne diseases and illnesses. Bats pose the second-greatest risk (raccoons are the first) of rabies to humans and pets. Infected bats – as well as an infected bat’s excrement or blood – can spread rabies to pets and unvaccinated humans. Bats are also known to carry Histoplasma capsulatum in their guano, a fungus that can cause a fatal lung infection. Breathing in dried airborne bat guano can lead to an infection called histoplasmosis.


  1. Expensive Property Damage


Bats using your home, chimney, vents, shed, or other property elements to roost can be a major blight to your home’s integrity. Bats can cause significant property damage wherever they go – especially since they travel and live in colonies. If you see one bat, there are likely more you can’t see. Bats can chew holes in your walls and insulation, as well as leave guano and urine stains on your facades. You may have to completely replace your siding if bat-related stains are bad enough. Bat property damage can be a costly fix.


  1. Potential Water Contamination


You might assume you’re safe from a colony of bats if it’s roosting far enough away from your home. If those bats are roosting near outdoor water collection or a well, however, there is a chance of them dangerously contaminating your family’s water supply. Ingesting bat excrement through your water supply could lead to contracting serious bat-borne illnesses and diseases.


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