Why Bats Are Dangerous

Throughout the evening in Grants Pass, OR, you may see a bat or two making their rounds. They’re usually small in size and weight and feed off insects while they least expect it. However, bat infestations can be incredibly dangerous for you and your property. For many reasons, it would be best if you had an exterminator remove bats as quickly as possible.

Bats Can Carry Diseases

Across the nation, bats are the primary source of rabies. Bats can also transmit salmonella, histoplasmosis, and parasites to humans through physical contact. People tend to be less cautious around bats than other pests, and some people may be bitten in their sleep should a bat live in someone’s home. To prevent you and your family from getting sick, it’s best to have them removed swiftly.

Bat Droppings Are Problematic

Bats defecate whenever needed, and their stench can sometimes be unbearable. Because bats are small, they can defecate in small crevices or areas that are hard to reach by the average person. You don’t want to deal with this foul odor regularly, and any guests you invite over can find this distracting. Bat droppings can also harbor various diseases, so hiring an exterminator is your best bet.

Let Us Solve the Problem

You may have spotted a bat infestation in your home and believe you can deal with it alone. No matter how successful you are, bats can re-infest the area. It’s highly advised you speak with A-One Exterminators so that we can efficiently handle the problem. We’ll come to your home in the evening and observe the bats’ behavior. Once we determine a plan of action, we’ll remove the bats in the daytime while they’re asleep. For more information on how we can help, contact us today.

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