Top Reasons to Hire an Exterminator for Rodent Problems

When it gets colder outside, Oregon homeowners often face the issue of mice and rats entering their houses looking for warm places to nest through the winter. Getting rid of these pests is a priority since they get into stored food, leave droppings around the house, and potentially carry disease. Often, homeowners try to solve the problem on their own with various types of poison and traps, but this can be a tedious undertaking that doesn’t always produce effective results. If you have a mouse or rat infestation and need some help getting the rodents out of your house, consider the reasons you should hire an exterminator.

  1. Dealing with rodents and disposing of their droppings, urine, nests, and carcasses is dirty work, and proper precautions must be taken. Exterminators have the proper training and experience to use protective gear like respirators, masks, and gloves to prevent the spread of disease when dealing with rodents.
  2. Exterminators know the way rodents behave, how they get into the home, where they tend to nest, and pathways they take to get around. There are many little cracks and crevices that must be sealed, and traps must be placed in strategic areas to be effective. Exterminators can inspect your house and determine where action must be taken.
  3. Even if you only see a single mouse in your home, there is likely a much larger infestation hidden within the walls or ceilings that needs to be addressed. A skilled exterminator has the equipment and knowledge to address this issue.
  4. Depending on the type and severity of an infestation, a determination must be made on whether to use baits or traps. Exterminators are able to make a proper diagnosis on which method to use.

Dealing with rodent problems is a delicate issue and eradicating them typically requires the help of skilled professionals. If you have mouse, rat, or any other rodent issues, A-One Exterminators is here to help. Call us today at (541) 472-1094.

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