Insects of the Winter

Not every pest hibernates in the winter. Many choose to find a warm shelter and easy food source, to wait until the snow melts, the plants regrow, and the weather becomes nicer. While some of these winter pests are rodents, you will also see insects. Here are some of the common insects you might encounter […]

Can Fleas Really Survive in the Wintertime? Oh, Yes They Can!

People assume that fleas can’t be a problem in the winter because it’s cold, but the truth is, fleas can survive all year round inside your home; they can go months without a meal! Fleas can live in the cracks of your wood floors, or even under the carpet, but what’s worse – they can […]

Don’t Cancel Your Pest Control Services Just Because It’s Winter!

Just because there’s a chill in the air or some snow on the ground, don’t imagine for a moment that bugs and critters magically disappear during the winter months! No, they don’t hibernate, conveniently waiting for nice warm weather to start invading your home and property again. Believe it or not, we’ve gotten calls mid-winter, […]