Is Your Home Harboring One of These Common Oregon Pests?

Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. In this case, the enemies are household pests. The more you know about common pests in your region, the better you will be able to keep them out of your home for good. Here are a few simple facts about some of the most common critters that […]

A Brief History of Pest Extermination!

The term “pesticide” has been given a bad rap. In actuality, the dictionary meaning of the term is – any substance that is used to control pests. “Insecticide” may be more accurate, but it’s a broad term that includes “herbicides” that are used to control both unwanted plants. Most people think that a pesticide is […]

We Use Only Environmentally Safe & Effective Pest Control Products!

We’ve been serving Southern Oregon for over 30 years, and we’re dedicated to the health and environmental safety of our clients. We are as committed to our customer’s satisfaction as we are to using the smallest and safest amount of pest control product possible! We not only treat your pest problem, we go further to […]