When Spiders Take Over Your Home

While any insect infestation is a nightmare for any homeowners, spiders bring a new level of disaster to your home. Letting spider infestations continue for a long period of time after noticing the infestation can lead to major damage to your house and many other extreme house condition issues. Lucky for you, this article will explain what might be causing your infestation and a few steps you can take to get rid of this infestation and some steps to preventing insect infestations!

What is the cause of infestations?

Just like any other living creature, spiders must eat. Spiders trying to find their food is a major cause of many spider infestations as they tend to stick around to the areas where they have better luck finding bugs and other smaller insects that they can feed off. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize the amount of spiders around your house which will be explained further in the article.

A few ways to prevent spider infestations

It might be hard to believe, spiders are not hanging around you and your family to bug you or to see how long they will get away with it, but instead, they have some pretty good reasons for staying so close to your house! Here are a few things to try in order to keep them away!

  • Limiting the use of exterior lights on your porch or outside your house as this will attract flies and other insects looking for food.
  • Use screens on any window you usually open, even just a crack. Make sure that the holes on the screen are as little as you can find.
  • Keep your house clean and avoid leaving dirt piles, open food or crumbs laying around as this will also attract many insects including spiders.
  • Before bringing in firewood, check to see if any pests might be catching a ride as you bring in the wood!

While this may not eliminate all spiders, the majority of spiders will stay away if these few steps are followed as they will have no reason to stick around and will begin searching for a new place to find their food. Never forget to call A-One Exterminators today!

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