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During our more than 30 in business, the highly-skilled team at A-One Pest Control has earned a solid reputation for providing effective and courteous infestation treatment services.

Our customers trust us to treat them and their property with respect, while providing them with long-lasting infestation treatment solutions.

When you work with A-One Pest Control to address any kind of infestation, we are dedicated to making sure the solution we provide is long-lasting.

To help with this we provide a Pest Control Program service, which is a schedule of maintenance applications that is custom-designed for you and your particular infestation to ensure that a re-infestation doesn’t happen.

All types of infestations should be taken seriously and addressed by a professional. While not all infestations are necessarily life-threatening or dangerous to your home and family, all infestations can escalate and cause additional problems.

For instance:

  • Mice and Rats: These rodents are very shy and will try everything they can to stay away from humans. It is highly unlikely that you will be attacked in your home by a mouse or a rat, however, they bring with them other dangers. When mice and rats begin nesting in your home, they are compelled to chew and gnaw and anything they can to procure materials for their nest, this includes power cords and electrical wiring. It has been estimated that approximately 20% of residential fires each year are caused by mice and rats chewing on electrical systems.
  • Cockroaches: These pests won’t bite and are not poisonous, however, they are very harmful to the health of humans. They leave behind a trail of shed skin and feces, which, when airborne and inhaled, can cause dramatic respiratory inflammation and is especially dangerous for anyone who has asthma. Also, unlike some other insects, cockroaches will crawl on your kitchen countertops out in the open and carry with them infections and disease, which can easily contaminate your food and dishes.
  • Spiders: Both Hobo and Black Widow spiders are present in the Pacific Northwest and are poisonous. An infestation of arachnids in or around your home is obviously quite dangerous for this reason. While neither of these spiders is especially aggressive, having an infestation can mean having them in places in your home where an accidental bite can easily happen. For members of your family who are elderly or very young, these bites are especially dangerous.

Business and homeowners throughout Douglas County have relied on the experts at A-One Pest Control for thorough and cost-effective infestation treatment and prevention services for decades. In areas like Roseburg, Wilbur, Canyonville, Glide, and Sutherlin where there are many remotely located homes, infestations are a very real part of the day to day. Our team has the training and the experience to expertly address any type of infestation and return your home to a safe place for you and your family to spend time together.

If you have any suspicion that your home might be infested, don’t hesitate to contact us today. A member of our team will come to your location and will provide you with a thorough and comprehensive pest inspection free of charge. As members of both the Oregon and National Pest Control Associations we are dedicated to maintaining our clean and solid reputation for honest and reliable service. You can count on A-One Pest Control to provide outstanding customer care and safe, effective pest treatments.




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