Oregon Pests to Watch Out for This Season

Rodents, insects, and other annoying pests are notoriously active during the spring and summer, but they can be just as intrusive in the fall. As the temperatures drop to signal the arrival of autumn, these pests don’t simply disappear – … Continued

3 Pests That Love Your Insulation

You’ve designed your home for your comfort, and you’ve taken effort to keep it dry, warm, and safe from the outside world. However, these same traits can sometimes make it an incredibly attractive place for critters that haven’t exactly asked … Continued

Raccoons- Protecting Your Home

When it comes to your home, you want to protect it in every way possible. This includes the elements as well as insects and other critters that could damage your home and potentially lead to even larger issues. One unwanted … Continued

Do I have Bed Bugs

The thought of dealing with bed bugs can make anyone cringe. These small brown insects can infest your bedroom, leaving you with itchy welts in the morning. There is a common misconception that bed bugs are only attracted to “dirty” … Continued

How to Avoid Stinging and Biting Insects This Summer

One of the best parts of summer is spending time outside, but unfortunately, the warm weather also brings out various pests in endless droves. Mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and other stinging and biting insects are not only annoying but capable of … Continued

Common Pests That Can Bug You During an Oregon Summer

Summer is widely regarded as the best time of year, and most people enjoy spending long days outside picnicking, swimming, hiking, or simply lounging in the sun. However, warm temperatures not only bring us outside, and they cause many annoying, … Continued

4 Signs Your Home Has a Termite Problem

Termite infestation results in an estimated $5 billion worth of property damage to homes every year. The most common termites in the PNW are the Western subterranean termites and damp wood termites. These pests can go undetected for long periods … Continued

What You Need to Know About Carpenter Bees

Oregon carpenter bees are frequently mistaken for bumblebees, and although they are highly unlikely to sting, they can do significant damage to exposed wooden structures on or near your home. The following information can help you determine if the bee … Continued