A One Exterminators Medford Pest Control Service

A-One Exterminator and Pest Control Company has been the first call Medford home owners make when they find pests in the home for many years. That is because A-One Exterminators has built a solid reputation of being a company that home owners prefer to work with, for their quality exterminating skills, friendly technicians and thorough follow up and advice on how to avoid future pests. We offer a free inspection of all types of pests for our customers so that you know what kind of services you need and then we will explain what needs to be done. When you need an exterminator in Medford, call the technicians that your friends and neighbors already do. Call A-One Exterminator of Medford.

Pest Control
No matter what type of pest you have, you can rely on the technicians of A-One Exterminator to have the experience necessary to quickly, safely and thoroughly rid your home of the unwanted house guests. A-One Exterminators are highly trained and skilled in the extermination of all insects and rodents and we are confident that whatever your specific problem is, we know how to handle it. From termites to rats, when you have pests, call the professionals at A-One Exterminators of Medford.

Rodents may very well be the least welcome of pests for the home owners of Medford. Along with simply being rodents, rats and mice can carry with them infectious diseases that can easily be spread to your family members and pets. Because rodents often come into your home because they smell food, it is important to keep a clean house and never leave food out, including pet food. Rats and mice can enter your home in very small holes so in order to avoid getting them in the first place, it is important to take necessary precautions to cover up any holes, regardless of how small they seem. Rats and mice can even climb trees and enter your home at the attic level, so no hole should be left open. The professionals at A-One Exterminator are more than happy to help you make sure your home is not unknowingly welcoming rodents of all kinds. If you think or know you already have an infestation of rats or mice, call A-One at the first sign of them. The quicker we can respond, the faster your home will be rodent-free. Rats and mice are smart enough to avoid unusual looking objects so store bought traps are usually unsuccessful at trapping and exterminating them in the home. Don’t take any chances, call A-One Exterminators today.

Termites are one of the most dangerous pests to have in your home because they often do plenty of disastrous damage before you even know that they are there. Termites are relatively comfortable in any environment, and the homes of Medford often provide the perfect climate for termites of all kinds. Even though termites are quite small in size, their mouths can bite off large pieces of wood. Since many Medford homes are constructed mainly of wood, they can do serious damage to the structure of a home. There are several different types of termites and many live strictly in the soil or deep within wood, making them difficult to notice. However, mature termites have wings and are often seen swarming around windows and doors. If you notice this, call A-One Exterminators right away because by this time, there is probably already damage to your home. To help prevent termites in your home, it is always helping to have an inspection done by the experienced termite experts at A-One Exterminators. We will also help you to make sure you are eliminating certain factors that can attract termites in the future.

Carpenter Ants
While ants of all kinds are thought of to be nothing more than a mere nuisance, carpenter ants can create almost as much damage to the structure of your Medford home than termites can. Carpenter ants do not necessary eat the wood surrounding the area they have chosen for their nest, but they do remove the wood, leaving damage that can be extensive over a matter of time. Because carpenter ants usually have several different colonies in one home, it is imperative to work with an exterminator who knows how to locate each colony and properly dispose of it so that your home can be a safe one, free of carpenter ant damage. A-One Exterminators of Medford will be committed to finding each nest, appropriately treating and removing it and then improving the climate of the area so that it is not appealing to future colonies of carpenter ants.