How to Keep Pests Out of Your Basement this Summer


How to Keep Pests Out of Your Basement this Summer

If you have a pest problem during the summer months in Southern Oregon, the best way to keep them under control is to be proactive about the problem.  There are many things you can do to make sure that bugs and other pests avoid your basement and stay away from your home.

Sealing Your Home

Make sure you inspect your basement and other areas of your home for ways pests can enter.  They don’t need much space to crawl into your home, so proper inspection and sealing cracks or gaps in windows or doors can help keep pests from invading.  Also, check the baseboards, foundation, and other spaces that aren’t easily detected as an access point to your basement.


Make sure the garbage in and around your home doesn’t attract pests by sitting for too long.  Keeping your outside garbage can or dumpster away from your home is an effective way to keep the pests further away from entry points.


If the area in or around your home is moist, pests will have a water source.  Try to keep everything around the perimeter of your home as dry as possible.  Check to make sure your gutters are working properly and monitor your storm drains.  If you find a leaky pipe or know you have a plumbing problem, get your plumbing serviced right away, so it doesn’t attract pests to your area.


Having wood or other items stacked up around your home can give pests a home.  Create space around your home where there isn’t any clutter, so you aren’t housing the bests that you want to avoid.  Keep the basement and attic clean and clutter-free, so if you have a pest problem, you can detect it right away.

Avoiding most pests in the summer months seems like a chore but being prepared for the seasons can help keep them at bay.  If you still have a pest problem, A-One Exterminators services the Southern Oregon area and is glad to help with all your pest control needs!

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