Insects of the Winter

Not every pest hibernates in the winter. Many choose to find a warm shelter and easy food source, to wait until the snow melts, the plants regrow, and the weather becomes nicer. While some of these winter pests are rodents, you will also see insects. Here are some of the common insects you might encounter in the winter.  


One insect you can expect in the winter is the cockroach. Cockroaches are attracted to moisture and water as well as food, so melting snow, leaking roofs or pipes, and food waste should be dealt with. To avoid having hungry cockroaches in your kitchen, keep it clean by storing food in sealed containers, washing dirty dishes, emptying the trash, and cleaning up around or inside your appliances regularly. Meanwhile, keep the moisture out by sealing off any leaks and cracks, and avoid tracking snow and ice into the house.


Moths are attracted to fabrics such as wool and fur, which many people wear in the winter to keep warm. There are also species of moths that are active in the cold, so winter is ideal for them. It’s important to keep your clothes and closets clean. You can also use garment bags for any clothes you are particularly concerned about. 


Technically, spiders are not insects, but that doesn’t mean they’re not still creepy winter pests. Where the insects go, the spiders will go, so one surefire way to keep the spiders out is to ensure the rest of your house is pest free. You can also minimize your chances of attracting spiders by keeping your home clean and cleaning up any debris in your yard.

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