How to Detect a Rodent Infestation

If you suspect that you may have a rodent infestation, keep an eye out for these warning signs. 

A Bad Smell

The presence of a rodent will tend to bring along strong and unpleasant smells. Be on the lookout for stale and musty odors. Rodent urine and droppings also tend to be unusually pungent. 

Bitemarks and Clawmarks

As the rodents scurry, burrow, and try to survive in your home, you’ll notice some signs of damage. These can be subtle or not-so-subtle, with the main features being chewed-up or gnawed-on objects, scratched-up walls, and holes. 

Tracks and Markings

When a rodent is running around in your home, they’ll leave evidence behind. Look for smudges, pawprints, or urine stains. These markings are a sure sign of something in your home, but if you want to be extra sure, try leaving flour around on the floor to see if there are any tracks in it later.


Rodents need somewhere to live, so many will be making a nest from shredded paper, cardboard, fabric, dried plant matter, or cushion stuffing. These nests are easy to recognize but not always easy to find because the rodents may hide in an area you can’t normally access. 


Where there are rodents, there are going to be rodent droppings. They tend to be small and shaped similarly to olive pits, making them simple to recognize.

They’re Distracting

One final sign of a rodent infestation is that they’ll bring noise and chaos. Your cats and dogs may be on the prowl, and you may hear scratching, scurrying, or gnawing sounds in the walls.

Pest Control Services

When you have a rodent problem, you need professional help. Contact A-One Exterminators today to keep the pests away and your home secure and safe from more infestations in the future.

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