How To Deal With Bees

Bees are an important part of the ecosystem but can also be considered unwanted or dangerous pests. If your house or yard has a bee problem this summer, removing the bees in a way that doesn’t harm them is important. Learning to avoid attracting bees to your yard can also help you stay safe and stinger-free all season.

Know the Species

There are many different kinds of bees out there. Additionally, you may instead be dealing with wasps or hornets. Understanding what species you’re dealing with may alter how you or a pest professional can handle the problem. Of course, no matter what kind of bees they are, you don’t want to act recklessly when removing them, or you may harm the bees and yourself.

Use Natural Scents

Bees are sensitive to strong smells. You can keep bees away from your house by using scents such as cinnamon, cucumber, or vinegar. It’s best to try and use scents that you don’t mind smelling; otherwise, the bees won’t be the only ones wanting to leave!

Know Your Flowers

It may not seem as though bees will be very picky when it comes to which flowers they pollinate, but they actually prefer yellow, blue, or purple flowers more than others. If you’re trying to keep bees out of your yard while attracting other pollinators, try planting in other colors!

Don’t Upset the Hive

Even if you’re dealing with a relatively docile bee species, you should avoid upsetting the hive. Spraying chemicals, attacking directly, or trying to move them without taking precautions won’t help you get rid of the bees — it’ll only lead to the swarm getting angry.

Hire a Professional

If you want to make sure your bee problem is taken care of in a responsible way, then you need A-One Exterminators. We’ll keep your house safe in a way that you can trust, so contact us today!

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