A One Exterminators Grants Pass Pest Control Service

A-One Exterminators and Pest Control of Grants Pass has been serving Southern Oregon for all their extermination needs of unwanted pests for many years and we look forward to helping you and your home as well. We have a firm belief in quality extermination work while always using our products to maintain a safe environment for you and your family. As part of our dedication to customer service, we offer a free pest inspection for our customers so that you can confidently know if you are even in need of our expert services. When it comes to pest control and extermination services in Grants Pass, you can trust in the friendly and experienced team of A-One Exterminators!

Pest Control
The amount of pests in the Grants Pass area is unlimited and can be quite annoying if they are in your home. All different types of spiders, dangerous flying insects like yellow jackets and bees, rodents such as mice and rats and insects like carpenter ants and termites that can damage your Grants Pass home can all prove to be far more than just annoying pests. A-One Exterminators of Grants Pass can help rid your home of all these pests and help you to avoid further infestations for your home and family. Whatever kind of pests you have, call A-One Exterminators today!

Because rodents such as mice and rats can easily enter your home, sometimes it is difficult for the home owners of Grants Pass to completely prevent a rodent infestation. Mice can enter your home through a home as small as a penny, while larger rats can enter through the size of a quarter. The two proper ways to handle a rodent infestation is prevention and extermination. To prevent mice and rats from entering your home, make sure all holes of all sizes are sealed. A-One Exterminators of Grants Pass can help you do this. Rats especially like to climb trees and enter through holes in screens or small holes by the roof to gain access to attics, so you will need to look all over your home and not just at the ground level. It is also helpful to keep your home as clean as possible, since they are often attracted to food and water that is not properly cleaned. As far as extermination, it is best to leave that to the professionals at A-One Exterminators. Mice and rats tend to avoid unfamiliar objects, which is why store bought traps are often ineffective. Because mice and rats carry infectious diseases and can reproduce surprisingly quickly, do not hesitate to call A-One Exterminators of Grants Pass at the first sign of rodents in your home.

When your Grants Pass home is infested with termites, it isn’t long before the damage is major and expensive to repair. Termites feed on all the wooden areas of your home, including the foundation of your home, walls, furniture and even books. Because they are small and are often hidden underground and within the walls, they are not always noticed until problems arise. Even though termites are relatively small creatures, their mouths are capable of taking large bites of wood, chewing and digesting them in a quick manner, allowing them to do great damage in short amounts of time. The best thing you as a Grants Pass home owner can do is to call A-One Exterminators today and we will perform a thorough inspection of your home and determine if you have a termite problem. If you unfortunately do, we will work quickly to exterminate the infestation and then help you to create a home that is not so appetizing to termites in the future.

Carpenter Ants
Carpenter Ants live in large colonies of varying sizes, which can be quite problematic for the home owners of Grants Pass. They can often be found in stumps or fallen logs of rotting or living trees, but can also make their home inside houses made of wood, which are quite common in Grants Pass. While carpenter ants do not eat wood such as termites do, they still create massive damage to homes because they remove wood and deposit it in another area, outside of the place they have decided to call their nest. Because they can cause grave damage to a home if not taken care of in a timely manner, most home owners of Grants Pass are forced to do something about it. When you rely on A-One Exterminators of Grants Pass, we will locate the nest, chemically treat it and then help you to make the area less desirable for future infestations of carpenter ants.