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Feeling safe and secure in your home is an important feeling. Your home is where you go for sanctuary and regrouping from your day-to-day and you want it to be a place that you enjoy being at. You and your family share positive memories and activities in your home and maintaining that feeling of happiness is important. However, if your home has been infested by insects it can immediately feel like a place that you want to protect your family from. That feeling of safety and security has been replaced with a feeling of being violated and unclean. While there are some insects that are just plain annoying and you want them out of your home quick, there are other insects that are very dangerous to your family and you may not want to stay in your home at all.

At A-One Pest Control our team understands how important it is to feel at home – in your home. We don’t believe that you should have to live with an insect infestation, and we can help! In fact, we have been helping Eugene families restore that feeling of safety and security about their home for more than 30 years. Our team of highly-skilled professionals have the tools and the training to expertly locate and remove all types of insect infestations from your home. Our company is fully insured, licensed, and bonded, and we offer free pest inspections.

Alarmingly, there are more than 3,000 different types of spiders that can being living inside of your home. All species of spiders are predators, which means they will follow their prey anywhere. This includes ants and other small insects that have a tendency to make their way into your home. Some of the more recognized spiders that Eugene residents deal is are:

• Black Widow – probably the most easily recognized spider a black widow had a red symbol on its “belly” that looks like an hourglass. These spiders build webs that are chaotic and disorganized near the ground around areas that provide a lot of hiding cover. Black widow spiders do not like to be disturbed and avoid coming in contact with humans. Usually, if someone has been bitten by a black widow spider it is because they have unknowingly disrupted the area where the spider has been hiding. This happens with wood piles, lumber yards, and storage boxes. Black widow spiders have a neurotoxic effect to their venom and when they bite it will be painful. Children are at a much greater risk for have a serious reaction to a black widow spider bite.

• Hobo – Without looking at a hobo spider at the microscopic level it is not likely to accurately identify one. To the naked eye they look like other house spiders and really the only difference are some distinct markings on their thorax that you would need a microscope to see. In general, the Hobo spider avoids contact with humans despite its innately aggressive behavior. Their venom will begin to cause skin and tissue death and will cause a great deal of pain.

Bed Bugs
There is not an area in North America that is exempt from a bed bug infestation. They are found everywhere throughout the United States including: hotels, movie theaters, airplanes, and stores. When you go to one of these places the bed bugs will get onto your clothing and then you bring them back to your home. One female bed bug can lay as much as 500 eggs in one year, making them a very difficult insect to get under control. When bed bugs bite their saliva has an enzyme in it that anesthetizes your skin so that you can’t feel them biting you. Some people have an adverse reaction to this enzyme and will get an itchy welt where they have been bitten. Other people can be bitten and have no reaction at all.

If you notice very small reddish-brown bugs crawling on your furniture, carpets, or curtains, or you notice reddish streaks on your mattress or tiny black dots in the seams of your mattress it is imperative that you contact A-One Pest Control immediately. With the rate that bed bugs reproduce the only effective way to make sure you are rid of them is to have a professional pest technician come in with professional products. A-One Pest Control uses only products that are non-toxic to pets and humans so you can rest assure that, while we aggressively and expertly get your bed bug infestation under control, you and your family will be safe from harm.

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