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The species of bats that are indigenous to the Eugene area are fairly petite compared to some of their cousins. Typically no longer than 19cm and weighing a modest 60grams, these bats can sometimes be mistaken for tiny birds. Their wingspan only stretches to about 30cm and they are usually covered in black or tan hair.

During early evening hours as the sun is just beginning to set you will see the most amount of activity from bats. They feed on insects and because insects are usually found during this time buzzing around outside lights and hovering around pools of standing water, that is where the bats will be.

While bats are known to be solitary or only live with a few others, they can usually be found in a colony. The female bats only give birth to one litter per year, and each litter has a few babies in it.

Bats have a natural instinct to want to stay away from humans, despite some of the television and movie claims that they will hunt you and suck your blood, they are relatively harmless to humans. However, an opening in your roof, attic, or rafters as small as 3/8’ is inviting to bats and they will go inside and begin nesting.

A professional pest control technician is trained to recognize these small spaces as potential access points and will implement the necessary steps to seal off those holes.

A successful treatment plan for a bat infestation will first begin with a two part investigation:

  • Step One: Your A-One pest control technician will visit your home during the early hours of the evening to observe which part of your house the bats are flying from, how many of them there are, and what species of bat they are
  • Step Two: During the second visit your A-One pest control technician will come to your location during the daytime and will observe the bat colony while they are all asleep. This closer look will allow your technician to develop a thorough treatment plan that will ensure that a re-infestation does not occur.

Regardless of how many bats you see or when you see them, if you have any indication that there are bats nesting in your home, you should absolutely contact the experts at A-One Pest Control. While bats themselves will do what they can to avoid you, their droppings can cause a dangerous fungus to grow that is harmful if inhaled and their nesting habits will damage your home. Our team knows exactly the steps to take to make sure that a bat infestation in your home is thoroughly treated and will provide you with options for preventing a re-infestation.


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