Dealing With Insects in the Fall

We are nearing the start of the fall season, and many different pests will start looking for homes on your property. Insects, in particular, can overtake your yard and damage your home, so acting accordingly is essential. Spiders, termites, ants, and beetles are more of a problem than many Oregon homeowners realize. The following strategies can help prevent invasive insects from causing damage to your property.

Use Insecticide

Insecticide is intended to kill many insects with a simple spray. Insects may have already breached your property, so this solution is crucial to stopping current problems and preventing future ones. Insecticide soaks into your yard and protects any plants in your garden. When insects attempt to feed off the affected areas, they become poisoned and die. Keeping insecticide around has many benefits, especially as the temperatures cool.

Rake Your Leaves

Raking up fallen leaves can prevent your lawn from looking old and damaged and prevent pesky insects from multiplying. When fallen leaves are left on your lawn for too long, it can damage the grass and give insects enough moisture to breed. Grass needs plenty of sunlight and nutrients to stay healthy, and if you don’t rake up leaves occasionally, you will quickly have an insect problem.

Call an Exterminator

You may have done everything possible to deal with insects invading your home, yet they still find a way in. When you call an exterminator, they can deal with your current problem and employ preventative strategies, so you’re less likely to have this problem again. If you live in or near the Grants Pass, OR area, contact our team at A-One Exterminators today.

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