Common Pests in the Fall

Although we tend to associate the colder weather with chasing away the creepy crawlers of our worst nightmares, fall can bring with it a whole new array of pest problems to watch out for in Southern Oregon. Not Your Adorable Mickey Despite everyone’s favorite legendary Disney duo being mice, sharing your home with a mouse […]

3 Pests That Love Your Insulation

You’ve designed your home for your comfort, and you’ve taken effort to keep it dry, warm, and safe from the outside world. However, these same traits can sometimes make it an incredibly attractive place for critters that haven’t exactly asked your permission to live there. While you tend to notice if you have pests in […]

Keep Pests In The Cold This Winter

As winter descends on Oregon, so does the wet season. Whether it’s the fast-melting snow or the fog and rain, November to March presents an especially damp time of year in the Pacific Northwest. Though the mosquitoes of the summer aren’t as rampant, winter provides tempting conditions for many other types of pests to enter […]

Top Reasons to Hire an Exterminator for Rodent Problems

When it gets colder outside, Oregon homeowners often face the issue of mice and rats entering their houses looking for warm places to nest through the winter. Getting rid of these pests is a priority since they get into stored food, leave droppings around the house, and potentially carry disease. Often, homeowners try to solve […]

3 Things That Might Attract Rodents into Your Home

All types of pests are disruptive and potentially dangerous to have in your home, but few can cause as much destruction in a short timeframe the way mice and rats can. Rodents of all kinds should not be inside your home, and there are a few things that might attract them more than you realize. […]

Oregon’s Most Hated Household Pests

Noticing a pest infestation in your home can be a stressful experience, but you can avoid these issues by taking steps to prevent pest infestations in your home. The climate of Southern Oregon is variable enough for many types of pests to thrive, and A-One Exterminators in Southern Oregon can help you handle them all. […]

3 Ways To Keep Mice From Moving In This Winter

The winter is a great time of year to spend time with friends and family. However, there can sometimes be unwanted guests at the party in the form of furry little pests. Here are a few ways that you can prevent mice from joining the festivities this winter:   Keep your home clean and tidy. […]

3 Reasons NOT To Wait To Deal With Signs Of Mice

Now that the winter is in full swing and the temperature outside continues to drop, mice and rodents are looking for a warm place to call home for the season. Like all most species, mice need a warm place to make their nest that provides shelter, food, and water. They are very good at finding […]

Signs You Have A Mouse In The House

With the temperature consistently dropping many families are retreating indoors for warmth and delicious food. Unfortunately, these activities are not restricted to human families. This is the time of year when mouse families like to come inside and hunker down for the cold weather months. Often, this means they come inside of your house. The […]

How To Keep Your Home Free Of Mice This Season

As with many living creatures, mice tend to move indoors when the weather gets cold. With the temperatures outside steadily dropping, and people spending more of their time inside eating and visiting with family and friends, mice are a very unwelcome sight. But, prevention can go a long way in keeping mice from making their […]