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Each of the 50 different “types” of termites have their own individual behaviors and habits, but, every one of them needs the same elements in order to survive. Unfortunately for you if you own your home, regardless of what it is made of, all types of termites can find these elements in your home and survive quite nicely. Some people will call termites silent destroyers because they are capable of ripping apart wood framing, doors, furniture, foundation, and walls, all while staying completely undetected and out of sight. Imagine your home being ripped apart from the inside out – without you even knowing it!

Your home is your sanctuary, it is where you and your family feel safe and make memories. It is also quite possibly the biggest investment that you will make in your lifetime. At A-One Pest Control we are dedicated to helping you to rid your home of any termite infestation and reinstate that feeling of safety and peace. We have over 30 years helping the residents of Brookings protect their home from termite damage and we can help you! We use only products that are safe and non-toxic to humans and pets, and are fully insured, licensed, and bonded.

What Do Termites Look Like?
You will probably never see termites crawling around your home, they are highly-skilled at staying unseen and hiding out of sight. In fact, there is only one subordinate within a colony that leaves the nest and that is the swarmers. The queen, king, and other support positions do not come out into the open. The swarmers are termites with wings and come out when the nest is fully mature and healthy. Seeing swarmers is a definite sign of a full-on infestation and it is important to contact the experts at A-One immediately. Don’t assume that a winged insect flying around your home is benign and nothing to worry about, it could be a signal that a large colony of termites is nesting nearby in your walls.

How Can I Detect A Termite Nest?
Some people will see termites and assume that they are ants. This is somewhat understandable because the nesting behaviors of ants and termites is similar. However, ants will leave piles of shavings from the materials they have dug through whereas, termites will eat the evidence. As termites dig they create perfectly smooth tunnels, all the while eating the material they are digging in. This burrowing activity causes the framing, walls, and flooring that they are nesting in to be vulnerable to collapse and sagging.

How Can I Protect My Home From Termites?
You should consider the process of keeping your home termite-free an everyday effort. Termites are attracted to water damaged and rotting wood and therefore, any time this environment exists – they will come. The first thing you must do to protect your home is to remove any moist environments. This includes piles of lumber or firewood, the area around plumbing pipes, and standing water on your property.

If you notice flying insects in your home that have a long cylindrical body, don’t assume they are some kind of general and benign winged insect. Call the experts at A-One Pest Control immediately to schedule your free pest inspection. The longer a termite infestation is allowed to fester, the more equity you are losing in your home. Let the pest control experts at A-One Pest Control help you to protect your home and restore the feeling of safety and sanctuary.

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