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Carpenter ants get their name because they like to build their homes in damp or damaged wood. In many cases this means dead and living trees, rotting logs, and stumps. However, sometimes they will establish their nests in buildings and homes made from wood, especially wood that is soft and has been exposed to prolonged moisture.

There are two types of nests that carpenter ants build: satellite and parent. In the satellite colony the workers, pupae, and older larvae can be found. These colonies are built when the parent colony is not big enough, and there may be several satellite colonies in connection with the same parent colony. The longer a carpenter ant infestation goes untreated, the more damage that can occur. It is important to contact a professional exterminator if you think you might have a carpenter ant infestation. At A-One Pest Control our team of experts has been providing superior residential and commercial pest control services for more than 30 years. We have the training and the experience to recognize the signs of infestation, locate the source, and remove the problem with thoroughly and efficiently.

How Do I Know If I Have Carpenter Ants?
Identifying the physical characteristics of carpenter ants can be very difficult. They vary in size, and can be anywhere from 2 to 20mm in length. While they are most commonly black, they can also be red, yellow, orange, light or dark brown. The most likely sign of a carpenter ant infestation that a homeowner will notice is the swarmer’s, or winged ants. These ants are typically produced when the colony is mature and healthy as preparation for making a new colony.

While some other pests will eat the wood they live in, carpenter ants simply carve through the wood and make little piles of it outside of the nest. This is an additional sign of a carpenter ant infestation, the wood pulp and shavings mixed with the pieces of dead ants piled outside the nest. Occasionally, carpenter ants can be heard to make a rustling sound as they move through their daily activities.

How Do I Find A Carpenter Ant Nest?
Because carpenter ants prefer to build their nests in moist and damaged wood, the best places to look for a carpenter ant nest are chimneys, windows, hollow spaces in walls, doorframes, and around sinks. If you experience flooding or water damage, it is important to make sure the entire area is completely dried out to avoid attracting carpenter ants. The longer an infestation goes undetected, the more severe it can get. Once the parent nest is mature and no longer large enough to provide for the size of the colony, carpenter ants will begin to construction on satellite nests, which can be numerous and cause extensive damage.

How Is A Carpenter Ant Infestation Treated?
The first step to treating a carpenter ant infestation is locating the nest. Once the nest is found, it can be treated and removed. All wet or moist conditions that carpenter ants find desirable should be addressed and corrected. While it is unlikely for these ants to cause significant structural damage to your home, if the infestation is not addressed in time carpenter ants can create lasting damage.

You should always contact a professional to address a carpenter ant infestation, as it is possible for a re-infestation if the proper procedures for disposal are not followed.
At A-One Pest Control we understand how stressful and disconcerting a carpenter ant infestation in your home or business can be. These little invaders can cause a feeling of your space being unclean or unfit and you just want them taken care of quickly. The expert exterminators at A-One Pest Control have the skill and experience to professionally address your pest control needs and return your home or business to the safe and pest-free state you know and expect!

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