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In Brookings you will likely see a very petite species of bat, with a 30cm wingspan, length of 19 cm, and weight of 60 grams these tan or black bats can sometimes be mistaken for small birds.

These bats are nocturnal with most sightings being during the dusk hours of the day just as the sun is setting. This is because these bats eat primarily insects, and this is the most active time for insects to be buzzing around outdoor lighting and standing pools of water.

Bats usually live in colonies, but have been known to live alone or with just one or two other bats.

The females will normally give birth once a year to a litter of three to five babies.

Unfortunately, over the years bats of gotten a misleading reputation for being aggressive towards humans and even trying to suck their blood, this is a completely false depiction and in actuality bats try very hard to stay away from humans.

In order for a bat treatment plan to be thoroughly designed and successful, it must be preceded by a two part investigation.

  1. First, an A-One Pest Control technician will come to your location just around dusk to look for signs of bats flying away from your home. This will allow the technician to locate the entry and exit point that the bats are using and seal it off in future to make sure they do not come back.
  2. Second, your A-One Pest Control technician will return to your location during the daylight hours and, having located the entry point to their nest, observe the bat colony while they are all asleep. This research will give information about how many bats there are and will provide the final pieces of information for deciding on which treatment steps will be most effective.

If you notice any signs of bat infestation at your home don’t hesitate to call our office. The highly-trained technicians at A-One Pest Control have been providing the residents of Brookings with outstanding bat prevention and treatment services for more than 30 years. We have extensive knowledge on the nesting habits of bats and can provide you with effective treatment options as well as steps you can take to make sure a re-infestation does not occur.


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