A One Exterminators Brookings Pest Control

A-One Exterminator and Pest Control have been servicing the home owners of Brookings for many years to rid their homes of pests of all kinds. We know that when your home is being taken over by any kind of pest or rodent, it is a very difficult time for you and we will do our best to put this matter behind you as soon as possible. We offer a free pest inspection for all of our customers so that you can know ahead of time what the problem is and how we plan to proceed before the job is started. The home owners in Brookings have been trusting in the services that A-One Exterminators offers for many years and now it is your turn to trust in us.

Pest Control
Pests of all kinds find a way into the homes all over Brookings and A-One Exterminators knows how to get rid of all of them. From annoying pests such as spiders and wasps all the way to rodents and termites, you can count on the expert professionals of A-One Exterminators to quickly find the pests at hand, rid your Brookings home of them and help you find ways to avoid infestation of all pests in the future. Whatever pest you have, you can be confident that A-One Exterminators of Brookings have successfully handled it before.

Rodents, aside from being unwanted pests in the home, can carry with them disease and bacteria that you do not want all over your home. Rats and mice typically enter your kitchens and bathrooms when the lights are off and so it can be difficult to know how many surfaces they are covering and what germs they are bringing with them. To try and avoid welcoming rats and mice into your home, it is important to make sure you do not have any holes they can enter in, anywhere in your home. Because they can enter through extremely small areas, this can prove difficult for some Brookings home owners and A-One Exterminators is happy to help with this. Keeping food, including pet food away and clean can also deter rodents since they often come in search of food. If you find yourself with a rodent problem, call A-One Exterminators right away so we can start working on fixing the problem. Rodents tend to avoid things they are unfamiliar with, which is why store bought traps do not often work. It is best to not waste time and call the professionals at A-One Exterminator today.

Termites are often referred to as the silent destroyer because they can do massive damage before a home owner even knows they are there. Termites feed on the wood that your home is built with, and are particularly susceptible to the wood homes in Brookings due to the moisture in the air from being so close to the sea. Termites, although they are small pests, can bite large pieces of wood at one time, leaving behind a faulty structure for your home, regardless of how new it is. Termites can even feed off of the wooden furniture in your home and belongings such as books and toys. When you trust in the professionals at A-One Exterminators in Brookings, we will do a thorough investigation of your home and property to determine if you have termites, what kind you have and how severe it is. We will then set forth to destroy the infestation you have and help you to avoid problems in the future by creating an environment that is not welcoming to these unwanted pests.

Carpenter Ants
Carpenter ants may seem like harmless, although annoying pests that many home owners in Brookings find they have to deal with. However, even though carpenter ants do not eat the wood that is in their path, they do create damage to the wood in and around their nests, which left untreated will eventually destroy the area’s structure. Carpenter ants can often have several colonies in one home, and it is important to rely on a professional exterminator who can locate each nest and appropriately take care of the problem, before it creates extensive and expensive damage to your home. At A-One Exterminators of Brookings, we are dedicated to completing a thorough search of your home, locating the parent colony and all satellite colonies and using the correct methods for extermination. It is then necessary to change the environment of these areas so that more carpenter ants do not view it as the perfect climate for their nests. A-One Exterminators will help you with finding and destroying the carpenter ants within and around your Brookings home.