3 Easy Homemade Pest Repellents

There are many ways to repel pests from you and your home, but not all of them are safe or humane. We have you covered if you want a reliable, easy, homemade solution that uses all-natural ingredients. Here are three easy homemade pest repellents and a brief explanation of why they work. Citrus Oils Small […]

Common Garden Pests

Spring is upon us, and that means many animals are waking back up and looking for food. At the same time, you may be preparing your garden for flowers and crops. Therefore, if you aren’t careful, you’re likely to end up with pests. While there are many animals and insects that may discover your garden, […]

Ways to Detect an Infestation

As we inch toward warmer weather, it becomes more likely to see insects invade our homes and yard. The first step toward dealing with it is to identify it. This may seem challenging, but there are a few simple signs you can look for to tell you not just if your home is infested with […]

Insects of the Winter

Not every pest hibernates in the winter. Many choose to find a warm shelter and easy food source, to wait until the snow melts, the plants regrow, and the weather becomes nicer. While some of these winter pests are rodents, you will also see insects. Here are some of the common insects you might encounter […]

A-One Exterminators | Keeping Your Home Bug-Free This Winter

Keeping Your Home Bug-Free This Winter Fewer pests are seen outside as it gets colder, so many equate that to no longer needing to do pest control. This isn’t the case, however. Though you don’t have to worry about some summer-faring insects or bugs, such as wasps, you do have to worry about insects like […]

How to Spider-Proof Your Home

How to Spider-Proof Your Home   During Halloween, it’s common to see people decorating with fake cobwebs and spiders of all shapes, colors, and sizes. Many people fear spiders, and others think they give their home a creepy aesthetic. In any case, fake spiders are preferable to an actual spider infestation. Here are some tips for […]

Top Reasons Why Pests Infiltrate Homes

Nothing is more frustrating than watching a cockroach crawl on your kitchen floor while having no clue why it felt the need to infiltrate your home. Pest infestations—from flying insects to rodents—happen for many reasons. Some may be in your control, but others, like seasonal and weather changes, may require help from A-One Exterminators. Looking […]

Common Pests in the Fall

Although we tend to associate the colder weather with chasing away the creepy crawlers of our worst nightmares, fall can bring with it a whole new array of pest problems to watch out for in Southern Oregon. Not Your Adorable Mickey Despite everyone’s favorite legendary Disney duo being mice, sharing your home with a mouse […]

The Trouble of Termites

Termites Are a Troubling Concern for Many Homeowners When thinking about the maintenance and upkeep of your property, ensuring that you don’t have termites is one of the most important steps to take. An infestation of termites can be an expensive problem to have because these pests can cause costly damage to your home’s structure. […]

Preventing Bed Bug Infestations

Bed bugs are one of the most well-known and feared pests in the United States. Just saying the name of these little monsters makes anyone want to check their mattress for any signs that they might be lounging there. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to keep those parasites out of your bedroom so that […]