3 Things That Might Attract Rodents into Your Home

All types of pests are disruptive and potentially dangerous to have in your home, but few can cause as much destruction in a short timeframe the way mice and rats can. Rodents of all kinds should not be inside your home, and there are a few things that might attract them more than you realize. Take a moment to review the following list and think of ways you could make your home less inviting to rodent invaders.


The one thing that will attract mice and rats into your home more than anything else is accessible food. Rodents that live around people are mostly scavengers, and they can wreak as much havoc in the big city as they do in the countryside. Whether you live in a busy part of Southern Oregon or out in the boonies, keeping your food secured and inaccessible is a good way to prevent mice and rat invasions.

Keep leftover food in airtight containers. While mice will have a hard time getting inside your refrigerator, they can easily chew through trash bags full of food scraps in an unsecured trash can. They will also go after unattended pet foods, so be sure to clean up any food messes your dogs or cats leave behind.


Mice and rats aren’t only trying to get at the food inside your home. They’re also looking for shelter. Stacks of old newspapers, clothing, and other messes aren’t just cluttering up your home, but also potentially inviting mice and rats to come in and make themselves cozy. Try to keep your home as tidy as possible so you aren’t unintentionally creating places for them to set up shop.

Easy Access

Ultimately, mice and rats are looking for the easy way inside of your home. Check around the exterior of your home for any cracks between bricks or gaps in the foundation. Any opening larger than the width of a pencil could potentially be a doorway for mice and rats, so patch these entryways as soon as possible.

If you have a problem with mice or rats in your home, addressing these three issues can help you prevent them from returning once you finally get them out. If you need help with any type of rodent infestation in Southern Oregon, contact A-One Exterminators and schedule service for your property with one of our technicians.

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