Winter Insect Invadors

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Winter doesn’t necessarily mean a break from pests. Many insects seek out cozy, warm places with ample food supplies during the colder months. While rodents are common culprits, various insects also remain active. Below are some insects you might come across during winter.


Cockroaches tend to invade homes in winter, drawn by moisture and food. To discourage these pests, focus on eliminating their attractants. Keep your kitchen spotless, store food in airtight containers, promptly wash dishes, regularly dispose of garbage, and clean appliances thoroughly. Additionally, sealing off potential entry points like leaks and cracks is crucial. Reducing indoor moisture and avoiding bringing snow or ice inside will also help keep cockroaches at bay.


Winter is a prime time for moths, particularly those attracted to natural fibers like wool and fur, which are often used in winter clothing. To protect your garments, maintain cleanliness in closets and clothing storage areas. Using garment bags can offer extra protection for items of special concern.


While spiders are technically arachnids, they’re still unwelcome guests in many homes during winter. They often follow other insects indoors, so a pest-free home is less likely to have spider issues. Regular house cleaning, including yard debris removal, is an effective way to deter spiders.

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