Common Pests During Winter

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During the colder months, not all pests go into hibernation. Many seek out warm shelters and accessible food supplies to endure the winter. This period is not just about rodent invasions; insects also make their presence known. Below, we delve into some typical insects you may encounter during winter.

Persistent Cockroaches in Winter

Cockroaches often find refuge in our homes during winter, drawn to moisture and food sources. These pests thrive in environments where melting snow, food remnants, and water leaks are present. To deter these unwelcome guests, maintaining a clean kitchen is crucial. This includes securely storing food, promptly washing dishes, regularly emptying garbage bins, and thoroughly cleaning around and inside appliances. Additionally, ensure your home is moisture-free by repairing any leaks and preventing snow and ice from being tracked indoors.

Moths: The Fabric Foes of Winter

Winter also sees an increase in moth activity, especially those attracted to wool and fur, materials commonly used in winter clothing. Some moth species are particularly active in colder temperatures. To safeguard your clothes, cleanliness is key. Regularly clean your closets and consider using garment bags to protect your more delicate items.

Spiders: The Unseen Winter Invaders

Although spiders are technically not insects, they’re often found in homes during winter, following their insect prey. Keeping your house pest-free is an effective way to deter spiders. Regular housekeeping, including removing yard debris, can significantly reduce the likelihood of these eight-legged creatures making themselves at home.

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Encountering an insect infestation in winter can be distressing. If you’re dealing with such an issue, A-One Exterminators are ready to assist. Contact us for expert advice and solutions to reclaim your pest-free home.