3 Easy Homemade Pest Repellents

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There are many ways to repel pests from you and your home, but not all of them are safe or humane. We have you covered if you want a reliable, easy, homemade solution that uses all-natural ingredients. Here are three easy homemade pest repellents and a brief explanation of why they work.

Citrus Oils

Small bugs don’t like citrus. From citronella oil to lemon juice, you can protect your home from insects by spraying a citrus oil solution. Keep in mind that some of these oils are very potent and may not be safe for pets or kids, so it’s a good idea to consider the strength of what you’re using. Citrus oils can also be combined with other natural repellents, such as garlic, for even better results.

Coffee Grounds

Another food that smells good to humans but bad to pests, coffee can be used to keep pests out of your garden and your home. You can just use leftover coffee grounds in areas where you’re worried pests are coming in and add them to your garden as a natural pesticide.

Essential Oils

These oils aren’t just for improving your mood and freshening a room. Many essential oils, such as peppermint, lavender, and dill, are useful for repelling pests — specifically, mosquitos. While they shouldn’t be directly put on your skin unless you dilute them first, they can keep the mosquitos away from you, your home, and your garden. It may also work on other pests, such as spiders, cockroaches, and ticks.

Why These Work

Pests tend to have very strong senses of smell, and scents that smell good to humans can be repulsive to pests. The stronger the smell, the more the pests will stay away. Citrus, coffee, and essential oils are powerful smells that pests hate. As a bonus, you can protect your house with smells you may enjoy!

A Stronger Solution

If your pest problem is too big to be solved with these homemade repellents, it’s time to get a professional’s help. Contact A-One Exterminators today.